Present at Work

Slow Down…and Go Faster

In a business world that runs 24/7, it can be exceedingly difficult for a busy executive and their team members to switch-off their mind. Working under pressure and against the clock, their thinking brains can often be pushed way past their limits of effectiveness and to the point of diminishing returns.

This is the time when energy drops, enthusiasm wanes and performance slips.

Present Events

Gift Your People a Present Experience

The Present Keynote Experience is a great way to inspire connection across your team at your next annual conference or event.

Bring your team together and provide them with insights on how to best manage their cerebral energy throughout the day to keep them operating at optimum capacity, while simultaneously gifting them ‘Present’ experience.


I am currently working on a book to encapsulate the ideas from my talks, entitled ‘The Present ~ A Handbook for the Everyday Guru.’

This book will be the first in a series of books I plan to scribe along these lines, and will present the keystone concepts for the others to follow, concepts which include:

  • Escaping Time/ Mind TrapThe Present_Book
  • Stilling the Mind
  • Human Having vs Human Being
  • Coming to Your Senses
  • Let Go to Let In