The Book

The Present_Book

I am currently working on a book to encapsulate the ideas from my live talks, entitledThe Present ~ A Mindfulness Handbook for the Everyday Guru., which is being published by Balboa Press.

This book is written for the everyman and the everywoman; people who live good lives but still struggle to manage their thoughts and energies effectively. It is written for those who bristle at the use of the word ‘God’ and ‘Universal Energy’.

It is a practical book to refer to when things are getting a bit tough, providing insights, practices and the odd chuckle as you identify your patterns and reset yourself.

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The Message

The most endearing quality of any human being is the ability to be completely and utterly present, to surrender to the moment so wholeheartedly that  a deep peace from within emanates outwards, quietening the world and calming the mind.

Presence is the often mysterious quality that certain individuals are easily able to access, and which is read by others as magnetic charisma, an warming charm that makes them feel safe.

The people that you love spending time with – your friends, your family, you colleagues – are so loved because of the effect they have on you. They allow you to sweep aside past hurts and future concerns, and sink deeply into the beauty of the moment.

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The Events

The Present Keynote Experience is a great way to inspire connection across your team at your next annual conference or event.

Bring your team together and provide them with insights on how to best manage their cerebral energy throughout the day to keep them operating at optimum capacity. The present message can be easily aligned with topics such as Workplace Health, Customer Service, Sales and Leadership. The ability to be more connected to the present moment is fast becoming one of the most important employee traits to nurture, owing to it’s impact on performance and wellbeing.

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